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At GIM Trading, we embrace Australian equities as a growth asset. This introduces the prospect of long-term returns that serve as a bulwark for safeguarding your wealth and income, particularly during periods of heightened inflation.


Australian equities stand as a cornerstone of many investors' portfolios, capturing the attention of 58% of Australian investors who opt to hold Australian shares. Renowned as the nation's favoured investment avenue, shares reign supreme, coveted for their potential to deliver robust returns.

Investing in Australian equities often proves to be a strategic choice, boasting the promise of higher total returns over the long haul when compared to cash or fixed income investments, as highlighted by the ASX Australian Investor Study of 2020.

Your Benefits

  • Invest in
    the Familiar

    Unlock the potential of Australian Equities, where investing in what you know becomes a pathway to growth right in your own backyard.

  • Trust in
    Our Legacy

    For over a decade, we've pioneered Australian equity investment, committed to delivering consistent returns and fostering financial growth.

  • Access Growth

    Harness the growth potential of the ASX 200 and ASX 300 with our diverse range of active funds, curated to provide access to select investment opportunities tailored to your goals.


Diversifying your portfolio with Australian equities opens the door to a wealth of potential returns, derived from both capital growth and dividends. As the market value of a company ascends with the appreciation of its share price, so too does the value of your equity investment in that company. Moreover, Australian equity investments often yield income through dividend payments, a reflection of the company's earnings distributed to shareholders.

Unlock Tax

When companies distribute dividends to shareholders, these payments typically originate from post-tax earnings. This setup opens the door to potential tax savings for investors, courtesy of franking credits accompanying dividend income from Australian equity investments.

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Achieving robust investment outcomes often hinges on the diversification of one's portfolio, incorporating asset classes that exhibit diverse behaviours across economic cycles and market fluctuations. By allocating a portion of your wealth to Australian equities alongside other asset classes, you embark on a journey of portfolio diversification aimed at safeguarding overall investment returns.

When we collaborate on achieving your financial goals, success is well within your reach.

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