As a multi-trillion-dollar market, global equities present a vast and intricate landscape.

Don't confine your investment potential by geography alone. With a staggering 97% of the world's equity markets beyond Australia's borders, the global equity funds at GIM Trading offer access to a wealth of opportunities for your portfolio.

Why Global

  • Access to Innovative Sectors
  • Overcome Local Market Limitations
  • Unlock Compounding Returns
  • Expertise and Research-Driven Investing

Elevate the growth trajectory of your portfolio by tapping into the success stories of innovative sectors and companies across digital, healthcare, and beyond. While Australia's equity market possesses its strengths, its growth potential can be hampered by limited opportunities and industry dominance.

Diversifying into global equities unlocks a universe of compounding returns from companies with ample room for growth, regardless of market conditions or geographic location.

Investing wisely requires meticulous research and a discerning eye for opportunity, qualities embodied by our seasoned team at GIM Trading.

Balancing Returns
with Risk

While global equities offer the potential for robust returns, it's essential to acknowledge the accompanying higher risks. Embrace the volatility and potential for short-term fluctuations as part of the journey towards capital growth and dividend returns from the world's most successful companies.


  • Targeted at Capital Growth
    Global equity investments are designed for investors aiming for significant capital growth.
  • Not Suited for All
    Not suited for investors focused on capital preservation or with short-term financial objectives.
  • Risk Tolerance is Key
    A thorough appreciation of one’s own risk tolerance is essential for investing in global equities, whether through funds or direct shares.
  • Long-Term Perspective
    Ideal for those with a long-term investment horizon, ready to weather the ups and downs of the global market for eventual significant growth.

Investing in global equities is an attractive proposition for those aiming to significantly enhance their capital growth, albeit it comes with its own set of challenges, primarily a high to very high level of risk. This avenue is particularly suited to investors who are positioned to tolerate fluctuations in the market and have a long-term perspective on their investments. The nature of global equities, spanning diverse markets and industries worldwide, offers unparalleled opportunities for growth. However, it demands a keen understanding of global market dynamics and a readiness to embrace the risks associated with these investments.

Whether opting for investment through global equities funds or direct shareholdings, the crucial element to navigating this asset class successfully lies in a comprehensive understanding of one’s risk tolerance. Embracing this aspect of investment strategy is fundamental to leveraging the dynamic nature of global equities, ensuring that investors can make informed decisions that align with their financial aspirations and risk appetite.


At GIM Trading, we firmly believe that the path to securing future wealth is paved with long-term investing principles. Instead of succumbing to the ebb and flow of short-term market sentiment, we prioritise intelligent portfolio construction anchored in innovative, forward-looking, and fundamental research. This approach enables us to curate a suite of global equity strategies poised to deliver optimal outcomes for investors.

GIM Trading - Global Equities

Wealth Protection
& Growth

As active managers, we adhere to a disciplined approach focused on mitigating unrewarded risk and fostering diversification across sectors, regions, and other pertinent criteria. By safeguarding our investors' wealth and strategically positioning exposures, we not only shield against market volatility but also drive sustainable returns over the long haul.

When we collaborate on achieving your financial goals, success is well within your reach.

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